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Whether you are a law firm or cake maker, over 62% of potential clients start their search online.

….and you have less than 5 SECONDS to make a good impression. Companies that hire us see a 1200% increase in traffic in the first year.

Why Brand Rainmaker Web Design Services?

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For over 12 years, we have been helping companies, law firms, and organizations compete online. Our personal attention to clients and bespoke resulted-driven website design and SEO separate us from other agencies.

Most firms’ websites have a decent design but lack a 360-degree perspective on user experience, SEO, and conversions.

The result is often very nice-looking sites with little traffic and conversions. 

We fix that and make your website an income-producing asset, not a business cost.

Our Proven Website Design Process Never Ends






Law Firm Case Study - What You Can Expect

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New Clients in 12 Months
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More Website Traffic

The law firm had invested over $70k with four other marketing firms prior to Brand Rainmaker. The last marketing company was a well-known provider in the law marketing space. Despite their investment, the marketing approach yielded only 2 cases in 12 months.

The law firm had a very slow website, bad domain name, low authority, bad content, no lead tracking, they weren’t getting results from their SEO. The provider offered little  transparency and  communication on marketing plans. Their approach was inconsistent and tactics disjointed .

Brand Rainmaker immediately dug into identifying the law firm’s ideal clients and then developed a holistic marketing plan to bring in new business. We developed a new domain, website, content, SEO plan, and paid ads that are all tracked.

During the process, the law firm had direct access to the president of Brand Rainmaker. No run arounds, no excuses, just boutique service.


After 1 year, the law firm acquired over 62 new cases and saw a 1,200% increase in their website traffic. As a result of these new cases, the law firm had to grow their infrastructure, hiring new lawyers and paralegals.

What is the Brand Rainmaker Website Design Process?

Create Customer Avatar

We find out what is the ideal customers and their characteristics that will define the user experience. A successful website design service should start by defining the characteristics of your ideal customer.

An avatar is a fictional character that a website design service can use to understand the needs and wants of your ideal customers. You can then develop different personas for different types of customers. For example, a personal injury website should consider a car accident victim’s needs and searches.

User Experience Layout & Mobile

Based on your firm’s avatar and your objectives, we develop a website layout that is ideal for them. A good website layout should make it easy for the user to get what they need and not get confused or jump through hoops.

Many sites see more mobile users than desktops, so they have to be optimized for mobile. Mobile users don’t want to wait for pages of content to load or to see errors. If done right, mobile users can be engaged as much or more than desktop users.


Once the basic structure is in place, we optimize your website content to rank for SEO from the start. Many companies design their own websites and then hire an SEO company to add the proper SEO techniques after completing the project.

While this is a good idea for some companies, it is often a waste of time and money. By this time, the search engines had already indexed the site and created their initial ranking on Google and the search engines. 

Therefore, it is much better to implement SEO techniques during the website design process instead of waiting until the project is nearly complete.

Tracking Added

The website is nearly complete, we now add tracking on your website to find out what terms and pages are bringing in clients. Most companies have an idea of website traffic but are unsure of the results.

Every customer is different, but we work hard to find out what is happening on your website and the complete customer journey. The best way is to track every user experience.

Once you have the user experience, you are now in a position to make decisions about website and marketing.

Review & Conversion Optimization

Once you have your site up and running, we find out what works and are constantly optimizing your site to get better results.

Too often, we hear from clients that the “old marketing firm” sent them nice reports with graphs and charts, but they never understood them. Worse, they didn’t know if the marketing efforts or website were creating positive ROI.

We take the time to dig deep into the data BUT explain it to you in plain English. After that, we explain how we are going to optimize based on the data.


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