97% of websites get less than 100 page views per month! 

Brand Rainmaker is an industry-leading boutique SEO firm that delivered a 1200% increase in a law firm’s website in 1 year.

We focus on building personal long and winning relationships with clients rather than acquiring clients and hoping for the best.

SEO Expert's Dirty Secret

Everybody wants to rank #1 on Google…And many marketing companies will tell you they can.

Some will offer you a rate of $99 per month, while others want $10,000 per month.

However, the dirty SEO industry secret is that most companies don’t have the resources or ability to rank for what they propose.

They will take your money and hope to deliver results.

I am not trying to be mean, but after talking to so many people that were burned by “marketing companies” I have to tell you the truth.

Our typical client comes to us because they have spent 6 figures on finding out what doesn’t work.

We have had insurance companies’ websites that rank in Google for food recipes! This website traffic was 100% useless to them.

A law firm spent over $60K with a well-known “law firm” marketing company, received 0 cases after a year, and RANKED for the marketing company’s website!

You might be asking, “Is SEO pointless or too hard?”

No, most companies can actually benefit from SEO.

They just don’t know the right SEO company or have the right resources.

That is how Brand Rainmaker is different. We do the following BEFORE signing a new client:

  • A complete free digital marketing review of your website that will include analysis and tips on helping your site.
  • A marketing analysis of your company and competitors that will dig deep for any opportunities.

If we think you are a good fit for our company, we will then provide a custom marketing proposal and strategy.

Not everyone is an ideal client for us, but we would like to think at the end of the day we provide great insight into your company’s SEO even if we don’t do business together.

Why Brand Rainmaker?

For over 12 years, we have been helping companies, and law firms compete online. Our personal attention to clients and bespoke SEO tactics separate us from other agencies.

Brand Rainmaker doesn’t focus on acquiring clients in mass but rather on delivering positive ROI and long-term partnerships.  This means we are always looking for ways to help our clients increase ROI.

Our distinctive approach and 1-on-1 service mean we are often the last marketing provider our clients will ever hire.


We will only work with one client per market. Our business model is focused on making our clients #1 for their location and market. Having two or more would be a conflict of interest.

Proven Results Strategy

Companies can claim to get results, but we will identify your ideal clients and grow your business.

1-on-1 Service

As a client, you will have direct access to the Brand Rainmaker President. This means you won't get a generic customer support line or an entry-level associate. No run-arounds, no excuses, just boutique service.

Law Firm Case Study - What You Can Expect

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New Clients in 12 Months
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More Website Traffic

The law firm had invested over $70k with four other marketing firms prior to Brand Rainmaker. The last marketing company was a well-known provider in the law marketing space. Despite their investment, the marketing approach yielded only 2 cases in 12 months.

The law firm had a very slow website, bad domain name, low authority, bad content, no lead tracking, they weren’t getting results from their SEO. The provider offered little  transparency and  communication on marketing plans. Their approach was inconsistent and tactics disjointed .

Brand Rainmaker immediately dug into identifying the law firm’s ideal clients and then developed a holistic marketing plan to bring in new business. We developed a new domain, website, content, SEO plan, and paid ads that are all tracked.

During the process, the law firm had direct access to the president of Brand Rainmaker. No run arounds, no excuses, just boutique service.


After 1 year, the law firm acquired over 62 new cases and saw a 1,200% increase in their website traffic. As a result of these new cases, the law firm had to grow their infrastructure, hiring new lawyers and paralegals.

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