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With 20 years of experience, our focus is getting your company more customers. We take time to understand your business, develop a comprehensive custom plan that will likely include SEO, advertising, and social media. Lastly, but most importantly, we monitor your results and are constantly optimizing your digital strategy.


BrandRainMaker provides custom digital marketing and public relations services that are part of larger digital strategy.  Some of the services we offer:


SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We help businesses make the most of their websites by both increasing the online exposure and making sure they are reaching the right potential customers.

Public Relations:  We devise and implement creative solutions to communications challenges faced by chief executives, authors, companies, and non-profits.

Advertising: Traditional TV or Digital with Google, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.  Most of clients utilize some kind of advertising.  We will research the right target market to mazimize your ROI. 

Social Media: Are you searching for results on Facebook, Google & Content Marketing. We help clients evaluate and set up successful inbound strategies for each business.

Brand Rainmaker: We Get Results For Clients

We started building websites in 1997.  Back then most companies struggled to have website.  Now companies must have website and focus on a complete digital brand that includes multiple properties such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, Google Maps, etc.  

However, our vision of helping companies compete through digital marketing has not changed.  We have helped Fortune 500 companies and small one man shops with internet marketing.  People hire us because we take time to get to fully understand their business and customers.  We are then able to set up specific metrics to track and define results.   Our drive to deliver results is the reason why clients hire us.


Some of our accomplishments:

  • SEO – Ranking a client #1 in Google Maps for a competitive service term.
  • SEO – Ranking a client #1 in Google nationwide for competitive search terms.
  • PR – Pushing down negative search results in Google.
  • Ads – Managing 7 Figures of ad spend in traditional and digital ads.
  • Social Media – Increase Facebook Fans from 3k to 300k in 2 years and 100 million engagements.



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