Brand Rainmaker focuses SEO and PPC services that creates positive ROI for law firms and companies.

Our mission-focused team is led by a Marine with over 12 years of experience in digital marketing. We don't pull any punches.

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Why Brand Rainmaker?

For over 12 years, we have been helping companies, and law firms compete online. Our personal attention to clients and bespoke SEO tactics separate us from other agencies.

Brand Rainmaker doesn’t focus on acquiring clients in mass but rather on delivering positive ROI and long-term partnerships.  This means we are always looking for ways to help our clients increase ROI.

Our distinctive approach and 1-on-1 service mean we are often the last marketing provider our clients will ever hire.


We will only work with one client per market. Our business model is focused on making our clients #1 for their location and market. Having two or more would be a conflict of interest.

Proven Results Strategy

Companies can claim to get results, but we will identify your ideal clients and grow your business.

1-on-1 Service

As a client, you will have direct access to the Brand Rainmaker President. This means you won't get a generic customer support line or an entry-level associate. No run-arounds, no excuses, just boutique service.

Our business model is to help our clients be #1 in their markets. We tailor our services individually to your success.

Everett Wilkinson, the President of Brand Rainmaker, started building websites for small businesses in 1997 as a way to pay for college.  A year later, he joined the Marines. He then finished college and became a financial advisor, and finally the Inside Sales Desk Manager for a broker-dealer. 

In 2009 an organization asked him for website help, and a year later, Wilkinson left the financial world to follow his passion for marketing and started doing marketing as a consultant. 

It was a different time than earlier because companies had to have a website and now focus on a complete digital brand that included multiple properties such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, Google Maps, etc.

Our vision of helping law firms and companies compete through digital marketing has not changed. We remain committed to each our clients success.

People hire us because we take time to get to fully understand their business and customers.  We are then able to set up specific metrics to track and define results.  

Our drive to deliver results is the reason why clients hire us.

Some of our accomplishments:

  • SEO – Ranking a client #1 in Google Maps for a competitive legal term.
  • SEO – Ranking client #1 in Google nationwide for competitive search terms.
  • PR – Pushing down negative search results in Google.
  • Ads – Managing 7 Figures of ad spend in traditional and digital ads.
  • Social Media – Increase Facebook Fans from 3k to 300k in 2 years and 100 million engagements.

Law Firm Case Study - What You Can Expect

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The law firm had invested over $70k with four other marketing firms prior to Brand Rainmaker. The last marketing company was a well-known provider in the law marketing space. Despite their investment, the marketing approach yielded only 2 cases in 12 months.

The law firm had a very slow website, bad domain name, low authority, bad content, no lead tracking, they weren’t getting results from their SEO. The provider offered little  transparency and  communication on marketing plans. Their approach was inconsistent and tactics disjointed .

Brand Rainmaker immediately dug into identifying the law firm’s ideal clients and then developed a holistic marketing plan to bring in new business. We developed a new domain, website, content, SEO plan, and paid ads that are all tracked.

During the process, the law firm had direct access to the president of Brand Rainmaker. No run arounds, no excuses, just boutique service.


After 1 year, the law firm acquired over 62 new cases and saw a 1,200% increase in their website traffic. As a result of these new cases, the law firm had to grow their infrastructure, hiring new lawyers and paralegals.

How Can We Help You?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We help businesses make the most of their websites by both increasing online exposure and making sure they are reaching the right potential customers.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

Traditional TV or Digital with Google, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.  Most clients utilize some kind of advertising.  We will research the right target market to maximize your ROI.

Social Media Marketing

Are you searching for results on Facebook, Google & Content Marketing. We help clients evaluate and set up successful inbound strategies for each business.

Press Releases & PR

We devise and implement creative solutions to communications challenges faced by chief executives, authors, companies, and non-profits.

Content Marketing

We specialize on content that is SEO-oriented. We produce articles that rank highly and garner links. We are devotees of compelling stories and excellent content.

Email Marketing

Campaigns for email marketing that work. Through engaging email content, we create email lists, attract new consumers, and re-engage existing ones.

Website Design & Devolpment

Website design that is appealing, functional, and efficient. To ultimately generate more leads and sales for you, our websites are search engine optimized and convert like a dream.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our CRO services can help you convert visitors into paying customers more frequently. Increase your business's revenue by capitalizing on the current level of traffic.

Our Process

As a result, we can’t work with every company due to fit or we already work with a competitor. Our services are tailored for each client. However, this is our basic process for 

Day 1

Start the Conversation

We begin every relationship discussing the marketing goals, culture and overall situation. This is usually a series of communications where get to learn more about the firm or company.

Day 1

Week 2

Research & Analysis

Brand Rainmaker then starts the task of reviewing the firms complete digital marketing picture that includes competitors, SEO, ads, branding, Google listings and social.

Week 2

Week 3


We present our analysis of the current marketing efforts, competitors, areas of improvement. At the same time, we get feed back. 

Week 3

Week 4

Custom Solutions

If the client and Brand Rainmaker chose to proceed, we then give a formal proposal, time lines, goals and budgets. Every client is unique, but it generally includes SEO, content and ads.

Week 4

Week 5

Project Starts

Once we reach an agreement, Brand Rainmaker moves very fast to start implementing the new marketing plan. Our focus is getting your company results as soon as it can.

Week 5

Week 9

First Review

We are in very regular communication with our clients. However, at a minimum once a month every clients gets a formal update on progress. We discuss the results and how to improve. 

Week 9
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