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everettEverett Wilkinson, the President of Brand Rainmaker, started building websites for small businesses in 1997 as a way to pay for college. Back then most companies struggled to have websites, but Wilkinson was focused on getting results for them. A year later he joined the Marines and then became a financial advisor and finally the Inside Sales Desk Manager for a broker-dealer. 

In 2010, Wilkinson left the financial world to follow his passion for marketing and started doing marketing as a consultant. It was a different time than earlier because companies had to not only have a website but now focus on a complete digital brand that included multiple properties such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, Google Maps, etc.

However, our vision of helping companies compete through digital marketing has not changed.  We have helped Fortune 500 companies and small one-man shops with internet marketing. People hire us because we take time to get to fully understand their business and customers.  We are then able to set up specific metrics to track and define results.  Our drive to deliver results is the reason why clients hire us.

Why I Gave Up $400,000 of Passive Income

Some of our accomplishments:

  • SEO – Ranking a client #1 in Google Maps for a competitive service term.
  • SEO – Ranking client #1 in Google nationwide for competitive search terms.
  • PR – Pushing down negative search results in Google.
  • Ads – Managing 7 Figures of ad spend in traditional and digital ads.
  • Social Media – Increase Facebook Fans from 3k to 300k in 2 years and 100 million engagements.
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